Visit SOS children’s Village Nagapattinam

The first part of our journey was set in the SOS Children’s Village in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. SOS Children’s Village Nagapattinam came into existence after one of the worst natural disasters of the world, the Tsunami. SOS Children’s Villages of India provided immediate relief and rehabilitation support to the affected families and children after the Tsunami struck. SOS Children’s Village activities started in Nagapattinam immediately after Tsunami and the children’s village started with 19 children in 3 family homes. Now the village consists of 12 houses where a mother takes care of 10 children. Some children are a bit older and studying in a nearby cities like Bangelore. Our visit was during a vacation, normally all the children go to school.
In the middle of the village was still an old building which was built a hundred years ago on behalf of a Dutch man. This building was the activity room and was also available for us to give workshops. From the sidelines, there was a staff present who did much organizational work as extra classes, trips and workshops. We got the possibility to get an insight of life in the village, eat together, play outside for example. Everyone was very welcoming and we think this was a good collaboration.


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