Research product

We’re making  a trip to India that serves as inspiration and at the same time doing research into processing capabilities. The theme of this research is family, resulting in toys for children and interior products. Through organizing activities we create a mutual inspiration and understanding of each other’s culture and customs. We ask questions like: how do children play, what interested them and what sort of toys do they like to play with? What is the value of property? How are traditional decorations reflected?

For example, an activity can be a major street dinner or repairing toys with children. The format of these kind of workshops are still to be determined. For this we would start a dialogue with experts from India to make the workshops more valuable on a local scale. The purpose of this part of the project is that we get in contact with local people. They will get a new experience in other ways of working and looking at their own surroundings. Our process and the end results will be live updated on our website and are linked back to the group of participants, through a briefing. So that they are aware of the bigger picture in which they are participating.




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