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India is a large country with many inspiring and proud people, proud of their local culture and customs. The rich history is reflected in colorful patterns beautiful rangolies and many details in daily their life. Here are ...

Local culture

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A video that shows the pressing of the sugar cane on the streets in Chennai India, in order to get the sugar can juice or Oosacha Ras [video width="1280" height="720" ...

salesman sugarjuice in India

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  After the presentation at Treasure Island on 29th of November 2013 we met Rene Kort of Schut papers. He is already working with this material and very enthusiastic about our research. He develops art papers with ...

Visit Schut Paper mill

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The focus of textile museum is primarily on design and art. It includes a textiellab and a textile library. The TextielLab at the TextielMuseum is a unique knowledge centre, combining a specializes workshop for the ...

Textile museum

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We’re making  a trip to India that serves as inspiration and at the same time doing research into processing capabilities. The theme of this research is family, resulting in toys for children and interior products. ...

Research product

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